Green Ladder Technologies LLC™ offers a range of engineered bulk media solutions to combat a variety of contaminates. Not only do we take the time to improve the standard industry bulk media offerings of carbon and zeolite, but create new avenues for our customers to explore. All of our specialty engineered solutions are able to be delivered in custom mesh sizes and also in a variety of volumes.

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Green Ladder Bulk Carbon is produced from coconut shell by a high temperature activation process under stringent quality control. It has a large surface area, high mechanical hardness, high pore volume and chemical stability. Additionally, we have a variety of impregnates and sizes to meet our customers specific needs.
Green Ladder Bulk Zeolite is made from an aluminosilicate compound and can be impregnated by a variety of chemicals to accommodate many filtration solutions. Oil, Grease, heavy metals, hydrocarbons, and other contaminates from liquid. Some impregnates can also be used to oxidize pollutants such as sulfur dioxide, mercaptans, formaldehyde, ethylene and hydrogen sulfide.