Green Ladder Technologies LLCâ„¢ creates the technology solutions you need to satisfy your unique requirements for vapor and liquid molecular filtration. By applying our proprietary adsorbent media technologies and working from our extensive knowledge base, we have provided solutions for industry leaders in; Commercial Kitchens Exhaust Pollution Control, Manufacturing Source Capture, Medical devices, High Purity HVAC, Consumer products and even Hydroponics. With over 50 years of filtration experience we can meet the demands of the most difficult challenges.

Green Ladder Technologies LLCâ„¢ has engineered solutions to fit a variety of needs and applications. Based on our unique understanding of filtration and our proprietary technologies, we can provide solutions to fit the most challenging design and performance specifications. From creating filtration solutions to specialty detergents that clean electrostatic precipitators, our unique team can bring design, technology and creativity to your specific need.

Our company is uniquely positioned to fulfill the needs of you, our customer. Whether you are a large multinational or a small niche manufacture, we strive to provide the technology you need while saving you time and money. From our research and manufacturing plant located in Batavia, IL, we are strategically located to provide timely delivery locally, nationally and internationally.