Air-O3 Genix

The Air-O3 Genix air and surface sanitation system uses Activated Oxygen Technology (AOT) for the removal of odors, mold spores, bacterial and viral pathogens, including the Coronavirus (COVID-19), without harmful chemicals or residue. When used in combination with the Fresh-Air 400, a UV-C, Carbon, and particulate filtration appliance, any new micro-organisms that may be transported by human hosts, are continually removed from the air and destroyed.

Once placed in an office setting, the AGx unit can be pre-programmed to automatically run after hours, eliminating all airborne and surface pathogens without the need to wipe down surfaces. The Fresh-Air 400 then runs continuously in the background, filtering harmful biological particulates, odors, and increases air quality.

Why Air-O3 Genix is Unique

Activated Oxygen Technology is the sustainable method to safely rid air of toxic airborne substances, biological and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), noxious odors, and has a low environmental impact.

In comparison to other air and surface disinfection methods, Activated Oxygen Technology most effectively purifies large air volumes while neutralizing micro-organisms and viruses.

We use germicidal UV-C technology to create non-corrosive Activated Oxygen. Other techniques, while effective, use hydrogen peroxide fogging methods, which can leave a chemical residue.

After we disperse the Activated Oxygen for a pre-determined time, the UV-C lamps turn off. The high-speed fan then pulls in and redistributes air through a catalyst, stripping the extra oxygen molecule and converting it back to a healthy atmosphere. Our process dramatically reduces the time for reentry.

To fully complement the decontamination process, the Fresh-Air 400 seamlessly integrates into your environment. Air continuously flows through a series of anti-microbial particulate filters removing dirt, pollen, and mold then passes through our proprietary activated carbon filter removing VOCs.

Science Behind Activated Oxygen Technology.

Activated Oxygen is produced from the air we breathe. The Air-O3 Genix captures the abundance of this FREE, sustainable resource called oxygen, converts it to O3, neutralizes pathogens, and redistributes as oxygen.

What Makes the Air-O3 Genix Effective?

The Activated Oxygen created by the Air-O3 Genix unit continually neutralizes bacteria, viruses, and mold spores until they naturally decompose. All within minutes of exposure.

Eradicate While you Sleep.

AGx is an automated, hands-off system. By removing the human element with non-touch technology, we have effectively reduced the harm of toxic cleaning agents and the spread of contamination from hard to reach places.

How Long is the Process?

It all depends on the area to treat. As an example, let’s use the national average for a hotel room, 325 sq. ft. The room, including bathroom, would be sanitized in 10 minutes and habitable in 20 minutes.

Safety Comes First.

Even though Activated Oxygen is a natural chemical compound, it can be harmful to health. Always make sure the environment is controlled and unoccupied by humans, pets and plants during the activation period.